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The writer Bhikku Dhammavihari (Prof. Jotiya Dhirasekera) took to the life of a Buddhist monk at the age of sixtynine on May 18,1990. At the time of his retirement he was the Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya. His last University teaching assignment was as the Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto.

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 Dhammavihari Thero


Venerable Professor Dhammavihari Thera MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


12 Essays on Buddhism MS Word file

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(1) Aesthetic Enjoyment within the Framework of Buddhist Thinking

(2) The Individual and Social Dimension of Salvation in Buddhism

(3) Child Care and Growth of Love

(4) The Human Resource

(5) Buddhism and Beauty

(6) Woman within the Religious Frame of Buddhism

(7) Poverty, Hunger and Under - Development

(8) Society, Crime and the Solace of Religion

(9) Sermon for the IL Poya of November 17, 1994

(10) To Earn and to Spend

(11) Conquest With or Without Conflict

(12) Five Planes of After - Death Existence


The Three Parittas MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


A Correct Vision & A Life Sublime MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

(1) From Samsāra to Nibbāna

(2) Nature

(3) In Harmony

(4) Happy Wayfarer

(5) To be Good is to be Great

(6) Wisdom for the World

(7) Welcoming the New Year or the New Century?


Aesthetic Enjoyment and Other Essays MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

(1) Progress, Development and Survival of Man on this Earth - As viewed by a Buddhist

(2) The Message of Buddhism from Buddha to Asoka -Its relevance to the twenty-first century

(3) Aesthetic Enjoyment within the Framework of Buddhist Thinking - A brief study

(4) Women and the Religious Order of the Buddha

(5) Happiness - As seen in Buddhist perspective

(6) God At The Head Of Religion  - A search through Buddhism

(7) Religion, Culture and Temperance


DHARMA - Man Religion Society Governance in Buddhism (Critically Examined and Explained) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Lesson 1: Birth, Life, and Death and Being Born Again

Lesson 2: The Individual and Social Dimension of Salvation in Buddhism

Lesson 3: The Four Noble Truths or Cattāri Ariya Saccāni

Lesson 4: Liberation In Nirvāna How do we embark on this Journey?

Lesson 5: The Correct Observance of the Uposatha or Aṭa-Sil as the Dhamma indicates

Lesson 6: Non-Observance of the Uposatha  by Laymen and Laywomen and the Buddha's Comments

Lesson 7: Observance of Aṭa-Sil or Uposatha in Sri Lanka today - Needs Drastic Reforms

Lesson 8: Meditation Retreats and Aṭṭhaṅga-Uposatha-Sīla -A Plea for a Happy Wedlock

Lesson 9: Disintegration and Degradation of Religiousness in the Life of a Buddhist

Lesson 10: Big Blunders in Dhamma Interpretation in Sri Lanka

Lesson 11: The Human Resource as viewed from the Buddhist religio-cultural angle

Lesson 12: Work - A Socio-Economic Analysis with a relevant religious [Buddhist] backdrop

Lesson 13: Poverty, Hunger, and Under-Development (A little bit of relevant Buddhist thinking)

Lesson 14: Sale, Trade, and Export  as Aspects of  National Economic Development

Lesson 15: The Development of Society  and the Commission of Crime seen alongside the Solace of Religion

Lesson 16: Progress and Development and the Survival of Man on this Earth

Lesson 17: Religion, the Missing Dimension of  Statecraft in Sri Lanka

Lesson 18: The Preservation and Fostering  of the Buddhist Heritage  in Sri Lanka

Lesson 19: Religion in the making of a Nation - Sri Lanka -  an experience from the past  for the guidance of the future


Buddhist Monastic Discipline - A study of its origin and development in relation to the  Sutta and Vinaya Pitakas MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

CHAPTER I: Introduction

CHAPTER II: Brahmacarya:  The Quest for Emancipation and Immortality

CHAPTER III: The Early Buddhist Ideal of The Monk

CHAPTER IV: The Foundations of Monastic Life:  Sīla, Sikkhā and Sikkhāpada

CHAPTER V: Further Aids to Monastic Perfection

CHAPTER VI: The New Role of Sīla in Buddhist Monasticism

CHAPTER VII: The Discipline and Development of the Mind

CHAPTER VIII: The Codified Law of the Saṅgha

CHAPTER IX: The Ritual of the Pātimokkha

CHAPTER X: Penalties and Punishments

CHAPTER XI: Additional Punitive Regulations

CHAPTER XII: Spiritual Leadership  and Life in the Community

CHAPTER XIII: Women and the Religious Orde

CHAPTER XIV: The Disciplinary Code of the Bhikkhunis

APPENDIX I: The Exclusion of Guilty Monks From The Recital of the Pātimokkha

APPENDIX II: The Abolition of the Lesser and Minor Rules of Training

APPENDIX III: The Concept of Sīmā: Its Origin and Development


Parable of the Snake -a translation of the Alagaddupama Sutta with an introduction, analysis and notes MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


As a Buddhist Where Should One Begin And Continue to Do What Thereafter MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

The Teaching of the Buddha comes to the world as a Radiant New Light

From basic Moral Goodness in the world of Pañca-sīla to Spiritual Transcendence via seasonal Higher Sīla or Aṭṭhaṅga-uposatha

Expulsion of the Aṭṭhaṅga-Uposatha-Sīla from the religious life of the Upāsakas and Upāsikās - the Buddhist Lay-men and Lay-women


Buddhist Ethics of Pañcasīla or Pansil -Their universal acclaimability and acceptability MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Preliminary Observations

Pañcasīla and Its Extra-Religious Character

Pañcasīla and Its Universal Relevance

Genesis of Pañcasīla

Men and Women and Their Moral Considerations

Pañcasīla in Its Buddhist Setting

Intoxicants: Health Hazards and Erratic Behaviour

Religious Counsel and Social Change

Social Justice and Human Rights

A Clearer Vision of the Cosmic Set Up

Sex, Freedom and Social Propriety

A Philosophy and a Religion as a Way of Living


Dynamism of Spiritual Growth in Buddhism within the framework of Samsāric Continuance MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Love as the Basis of Spiritual Growth MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Pelene Sri Vajiragnana Mahanayaka Thera MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Big Blunders in Dhamma Interpretation in Sri Lanka MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Noble Eight-fold Way - and some of its numerous misinterpretations MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


ABC of Early Buddhist Teachings - Lectures 1, 2, 3 MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Respect for Life as the Primary Basis for A Sound Philosophy of Religion MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Dutugemunu Episode Re-Examined -This is essentially a Sri Lankan subject but of worldwide importance today MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Message of Buddhism and the Western World MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Man and his work - a day life, Humans and Their Daily Life in the  World -Lending and Borrowing Money in Times of Need MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Death -Let it be thy Guide through Life MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Dignified Position of Woman in Religion and Society -as seen through Buddhism MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies -Inaugural Lecture MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Conference of World Buddhist Leaders and Scholars - Sri Lanka -Problem of the Buddhists - an aerial survey MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Texts and Traditions Warped and Distorted MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Traditional Homeland of the Tamils -Fact or Fiction MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Socio-Cultural Uplift of Humanity via the Religious Instructions and Guidance of Early Buddhism MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Buddhism for the Younger -To be Handled Jointly by the Parents and the Children MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Buddhist Attitude to Life in the World

Our Children and their Life in the Home

The Role of Parents

The Forest - Its grandeur and its freedom


Good Children - Whose Children are They? MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Angulimāla Paritta - A Mother' Manual, - with introduction, translation and notes MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


A Flash of Vesak Thinking - Conditions That Arrest Social Decay - Aparihāniya Dhamma MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Animal Rights - As Buddhists What do We Think of Them? MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Observing The Eight Precepts MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Observance of the Uposatha or Aṭa- Sil on the Poya Day - (Anguttara Nikaya Vol. IV. p. 248 ff. & p. 259 ff. Uposatha Vagga)

The Buddha laments over the non-observance of regular Aṭa-Sil on the Uposatha day by people whose life is invariably threatened with fear of grief and fear of death. He calls it a lamentable failure

Observance of AṬA-SIL or UPOSATHA in Sri Lanka today - Needs Drastic Reforms

Observing the Eight Precepts on the Uposatha Day - Heresy And / Or Hearsay In Sri Lanka

Replacement of the Aṭṭhanga Uposatha-sīla with the Ājīvaṭṭhamaka-sīla in the Western World a Colossal Blunder - Lower and Higher Sīlas [Pan-sil and Aṭa-sil] of the Lay Community and their observance within the household

Ājīvaṭṭhamaka Sīla - 1st Reference in DA.I. 314 ff. Mahāli Sutta [DN. I. 150-8]

These BIG BLUNDERS about ATA-SIL or UPOSATHA in Sri Lanka


Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka - Evidence From Early Literary Sources MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Observations of Early Foreign Writers

Some Selections of Grave Errors of Judgement For Real Serious Study


Sri Lankan Chronicle Data - Recording, Translating and Interpreting, - A re scrutiny of erroneous assumptions regarding history of Sri Lanka MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Composition of the Early Sri Lankan Community

The New Religion and Its Cultural Impact

The Healthy Growth of the Sinhala Nation

Target of Envy and Attack

Menacing Hostile Neighbours in Action

Variegated Records of Bitter History

The Rise of a Defender of the Faith

Chroniclers Bungle

Criminal Errors in the Hands of Translators

Historical Incidents Misjudged and Misreported

A Non-Buddhist Solution - Both Clumsy and Incompatible

Modern Researchers and Their Perpetuation of Heresies

Revelation of the Truth

A Word to World Scholarship and Research


Buddhist Text Translations - Their Correctness and Otherwise? MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Winning the Trust - The Spiritual Perspective (Retrieval, Restoration and Rehabilitation are concepts which must underlie this workshop) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Buddha's vision of Human life - the need today to re-discover it (Vesak talk 2007) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Appearance of the Buddha has been a Blessing to the World (Vesak Message 2005) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Gautama the Buddha, the Man Who Rescued Humanity from Death and Destruction (Vesak Message 2003) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Vesak Message 2003 (Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, Berwick, Melbourne, Australia)

Thoughts for the Vesak Full Moon Day - 2003


Vesak Thoughts 2004 MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

The Message of Buddhism is Blissful to the World - 1

The Buddha's Dhamma and Buddhist Brahmacariya - 2

Stepping into the Buddhist Path to Liberation - 3

Layman's Link with the Life of Brahmacariya - 4

Upgrading the Quality of Layman's Sīla - 5

From Moral Rectitude to Culture of the Mind - 6


Vesak Greetings to our Sri Lankan Buddhists MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Vinaya Piṭaka in Buddhist Religious Literature MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Highway Code For The Good Life of the Buddhist (Singalovāda Suttanta in English Translation) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


BA / VMO Vinaya and the Buddhist Monastic Order MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Nirvanic ideal as the goal of religious life propounded by the Buddha

Early affirmation of renunciation as being invariably tied up with the earnest pursuit of Nirvana

Discipleship under the Buddha (Samaṇe Gotame brahmacariyaṃ vussati)

The basic Buddhist monastic frame of good behavior - the life of the pabbajita

Pre-legalized or Pre-sikkhāpada phase of monastic life in Buddhism

The Historical situation and the Legendary assumptions

2001 - Question Paper


Venerable Piyadassi Nayaka Thera - An appreciation MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Venerable Aggamahapandita Walpola Rahula Mahathera - An appreciation MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Buddhist Sermons - 2006 New Year Day MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Listen To the Good Word, Bear It in Mind and Live According To What It Says

Suṇātha dhāretha carātha dhamme

Belief and Acceptance - Saddhā & Sīla  in the Life of a Buddhist

On the Way to Nirvana - Where do we begin?

Buddhist Ethics of Pañcasīla and their Universal Acclaimability

Sale, Trade and Export as Aspects of National Economic Development  - A Buddhist Review


Buddhist Forums 2000 – 2003 MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Social Challenges of the Third Millennium / How are Buddhists expected to look at them

What makes a good human a good Buddhist?

The Family as the nucleus of Moral Growth in Society

Success generators or maṅgalāni in the human community:  Bahū devā manussā ca maṅgalāni acintayuṃ

Our concern about moral degradation in society and the consequent social disintegration

Basics of Buddhism - A Historical and Analytical Apporoach

Basic Fundamentals of Buddhism's message - The true nature of the human world (kicchaṃ vatā ' yaṃ loko āpanno) and a solution to its ills

The Four Noble Truths - The Nirodha and Magga

Tilakkhaṇa, Pañcakkhandha and Paṭiccasamuppāda

Some Areas and Aspects of Buddhist Social Philosophy

Buddhism as a Way of Living / Living for a Purpose

Let us begin by asking religiousness or spirituality in the human mind, how, when and where does it begin?

Is the genesis of religions from the unknown to the known or vice versa?

Let us take a quick look at the very early religious origins of humans, at least in India

Origin of religious thinking in India

A startling change of direction

Dukkha as the Reality or the Real Nature of our Life In the World

Samsara and its termination in Nibbana

What then can we pack in between Samsāra and Nirvāna?

Basic introduction to the Buddhist way of life leading to Nibbana

This sort of scheme would leave no room for sudden leaps or bypassing of the gradual steps of the way which are primarily three in number

Reciprocity of human relationships


Buddhist Research - Textual Data MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

1. Simplicity of the Buddha's direct method teaching - logically arrived at, but without divine inspiration [sayaṃ paṭibhānam] - ridiculed by outsiders

2. Corrections to misinterpretations re. the Noble Eight-fold Path: Canonical text references


Buddhist Social Concepts MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Buddha's religio-philosophical view of the world: His spiritual quest as a reaction to it

The Buddha's Religio-Philosophical view of Human Life - Whither and not Whence

Society, State and Government

Genesis of the Concept of Kingship in Buddhism as Myth or Legend

Buddhist Concerns regarding Successful Governance

Historical beginnings of the Choice of a King and Preference for Monarchial Rule

Buddhist instructions for good government under Monarchial Rule

Economic Considerations (Money, Wealth etc.) and Buddhist Social Philosophy

Economic Considerations - Need for Lending and Borrowing and relevant Ethics in terms of Buddhist Social Philosophy

Economic Considerations - Justifiable and Correct Spending of one's Wealth and Earned Income (Bhogānam ādiyā) - in terms of Buddhist Social Philosophy


Preservation and Fostering of the Buddhist Heritage MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Historical Introduction

Identification of Scope and Content

World Trends Today

A New Awareness Around Us

A World-wide Sensitivity

A Heritage to Preserve and Foster

  1. Love and Respect for Life

  2. Respect for the role of Woman in Society

  3. Safeguards for Sanity and Sobriety

The Much-Needed Social Correctives Today

A Background Study of what Buddhism Stands For


Save all Life in the World - Of man and bird and beast MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

World Trends Today

A New Awareness Around Us

A Heritage to Preserve and Foster: Love and Respect for Life


Conference Papers MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Religion: Source of Conflict, Resource for Peace -BMICH Panel Discussion

Concept of Love in Buddhism -Bishop's College Educational Discussion

Buddhist Moral Re-Armament / Youth Group

The Message of Buddhism as a Religion to Mankind

History of Buddhism in India (Unity in Diversity in Early Buddhist Thinking) -Bombay Conference 2008


Success - The Key to It via Buddhism - Old and New MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Parābhava Sutta MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Dhamma in the Enrichment of one's Life MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Human Life And Its Samsāric Continuance

Kamma as Action and Reaction How and Where it Operates

Face Dukkha and Look Out For Its Termination in Nirodha

Liberation in Nirvana. How do we embark on this Journey?


Buddha Jayanti 2550 MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Our Children and Our Youth - Under Whose Care and Guidance are they Made to Grow?

Celebrate Buddha Jayanti 2550 Having restored 24 hour Aṭa-sil in Sri Lanka


On the Lap of Mother Nature MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Buddhaghosa and the Tradition of the First Council (Reprinted from the University of Ceylon Review) MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Reprinted from the University of Ceylon Review


Articles Written to Ensyclopaedia of Buddhism MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Thera-Therī-Gāthā, Nikāya [Pañca], Nibbāna, Nibbidā, Nissaggiya - Pācittiya, Nissaya, Nekkhamma, Pamsukūla 1, Pamsukūla 2, Pañca – Sīla, Paṭācārā, Pabbājanīya-Kamma, Pabhassara-Citta, Parivāsa 1, Parivāsa 2, Pavāraṅā, Pācittiya, Pāṭidesanīya, Pātimokkha, Pātimokkha + Uddesa, Pārājikā [Cattāro], Punabbhava, Vassāvāsa, Saṅgahavatthu - Catu


A Universal Ethic of Good Living -Buddhist Ethics of Pancasila and their Universal Acclaimability MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Preliminary Observations

Pañcasīla and its Extra-religious Character

Pañcasīla and its Universal Relevance

Genesis of Pañcasīla

Men and Women and their Moral Considerations

Pañcasīla in its Buddhist Setting

Intoxicants: Health Hazards and Erratic Behavior

Religious Counsel and Social Change

Social Justice and Human Rights

Sex, Freedom and Social Propriety

A philosophy and a Religion as a Way of Living: Buddhism

Ethics for Good Living / Where do Religions come in?


Buddhist Sermons 2005 MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Doubts as to what the Buddha Taught?

Like Unto a Sleeping Village Carried Away in a Flood

Until a Disaster Strikes us Dead what have We been Doing? -An honest self-scrutiny in terms of our religious beliefs

Penalty or Punishment / Who Punishes Whom? -A post-disaster survey with a Buddhist religio-cultural outlook

Life of the Human and its Dimensions

Bhāvanā - The Culture and Development in Buddhism Undertaken for the sake of Nirvana

As Buddhists do We Know where We wish to Land?


A Week of Vesak Thinking - 1999 MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Human Message of Religion for Mankind - From a man to man MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Are We to Slaughter Our Cattle here in Buddhist Sri Lanka and Search for Meat Markets Elsewhere? MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Man, Society and Religion MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Cremation of the Most Venerable Madihe Paññāsīha Mahānāyaka Thera MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Some Moral Instructions from the Sayings of the Mahānāyaka Thera


Buddhist Sermons MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

(1) Counting The Breath & Walking Meditation

(2) Sermon for the Day of August Full Moon

(3) Are We on the Right Track?

(4) TV Programme - December Full Moon Day

(5) SLBC - Has Buddhism the Answer?

(6) Ketumati Buddhist Vihara Special Dhamma Sermons

(7) Home Sweet Home. Who indeed makes the Home Sweet?

(8) Mr. Cooray in Memoriam Service


Is it not Time Now to Reset Our Thinking Machine? MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Newspaper Articles MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

(1) Papal Blunder on Buddhism - Further observations

(2) Our Youth and our Aspiration for a Multi-dimensional National Efflorescence through them


Learning and Living the Dhamma in a new Spirit of Independence MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Dhamma Studies Bulletin MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Doctrinal Extracts MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Equality / Egalitarian - of Sexes

Equality / Egalitarian: Superiority of Women over Men

Equality / Egalitarian: Equality of Humans / Irrespective of Birth (jati) or Profession (kamma)

Health: Physical and Mental / Societal, Economic, Religious Considerations


Tangalle Devananda Maha Thera MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Good Lay Life of the Buddhist and the Role of Sīla therein MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Dhammacakkappavattana Suttanta MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


De Zoysa Maternity Home - 125 Years MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Moral Values of a People - their Corrosion, Erosion and Denudation MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


A Successful Good Teacher MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Buddhism in Practice the Do's and the Don'ts Then & Now MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Time for a Dharma Prabodh in Sri Lanka MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

It is Now Time for The Buddhists of Sri Lanka to Comprehend Their Dhamma.


Euthanasia MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Preliminary observations

Suicide and those within the cycle of samsāra


Post Script N.B.


Dipavamsa - A Critical Edition with Introduction, Translation and Notes MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Guidance for a Buddhist through the Dhamma of his Master MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Genesis of Buddhism as a Religion

Truths of the Religion and their Guidance in Buddhist Living

The Basic Elements of the Buddha Dhamma

Paticca-samuppada the Chain of Causal Genesis

Kamma / Buddhist Theory of Action and its Consequences

Worship and Prayer their rightful place in Buddhism


Law and Order in the World and the Basic Ethics of Buddhism MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Global Need for Law and Order and the Basic Ethics of Buddhism MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


GENDER - Not a Major Issue in the Self-operative Liberation Process of Buddhism as a Religion MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Upulvan or Uppalavaṇṇa - the Guardian Deity of Sri Lanka MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Error Detection MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

(1) Suicide Story / Pārājikā 3

(2) Ājīvaṭṭhamaka Sīla

(3) Ājīvapārisuddhi Sīla treated as an item of sīla


Gotami Anagarika Sasun Ketha - Buddhist Women's Institute For Spiritual Development MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Celebrating our Independence - How and Why? MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Life's Brief Cruise in the Perilous Ocean of Saṃsāra MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


History of Buddhism in South and South East Asia MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

To our Buddhist Friends of India - Greetings from Sri Lanka

Buddhism as a new system of religious and philosophical thinking

Pre-Buddhist Sri Lanka

In India - Prior to the Arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Emperor Asoka - his patronage to the Sāsana and the dispatch of missions abroad

Arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Reception to the arrival of the Indian Buddhist mission of Mahinda / Asoka

Mahinda delivers his message of Buddhism - first to the Royal household

The new religion gains acceptance and popularity

Religious accessories - places of worship and monastic residences

King Devānampiya Tissa's engagement and involvement with Buddhism / Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka provides one of the finest centres for the study of the impact of Buddhism on any country and a people at world level

Introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka and the Status of Women

The Arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and its vicissitudes in the new land of adoption

2001 - Question Paper


Word of the Buddha MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

1. Anthropocentricism

2. Transcendence - Passage from Human to Divine

3. Neither Grace nor Aid from Elsewhere

4. The Universe and Man Therein

5. Development: Moral and Psychic

6. Reality of Life: In Single or Multiple Spans

7. What Propels This Life Process: As Buddhism Sees It

8. Genesis of Human Unhappiness or Dukkha

9. Tilakkhana or the Life's Way

10. Towards Spiritual Growth: From the First Steps


Peace on Earth and Goodwill among Men -The need for New Global thinking MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Keynote Address - 2550 Vesak Celebrations at East London Buddhist Cultural Centre


Harmonious Totality as against Divisive Dominance in the Land below or the Heavens above -A note from the Buddhist angle MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Keynote Address - Lake House Souvenir Launching May 2006


Being In Harmony -The Way of Buddhist Religious Culture MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


The Role of the Sangha in the Modern World MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari


Tripitaka MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Graduate School


Bodhi or Enlightenment in the inner core of Buddhism as a Religion MS Word file

doc., ©Dhammavihari

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