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Five Precepts


Morning and evening, in rejoicing confidence, little children bow down at the sacred lotus feet of the Blessed Tathagata, the Enlightened Teacher of gods and men, and after meditating on His excellences, undertake to observe Pansil, the Five Precepts of Purity.

In observing the First Precept, they love the whole world and refrain from killing.

In observing the Second Precept, they refrain from stealing, and live with clean hands and hearts.

In observing the Third Precept, they practice chastity and grow up into strong noble youths.

In observing the Fourth Precept, they refrain from lying, from breaking a promise, and from twisting the truth. They grow up into true gentlemen, straight-forward and most honorable.

In observing the Fifth Precept, they ensure their own progress, preserve their health, intellect, and honor, and give peace to the world.

These Five Precepts are called by the Blessed One Ariyakanta Sila, Virtues Beloved of the Noble, for the Saints observe them even at the risk of life.

Parents can give no greater inheritance to their children than these Five Sacred Precepts, and they are an anchor for a world given so often to war and violence.

These merciful precepts of our Lord will heal, and soothe, and bless the whole world.

May there be Peace !


Palane Siri Vajiranyana Mahanayaka Thera



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